Company starts up in 1952.

In the course of time, developed around providing tax consulting services and accounting maintenance of business books.

In 1978 the company undertakes Pericles M. Charalampous which leads into a leader in the industry with the expansion of both the services provided and the expertise achieved through continuous staff training. In 2001, gives his position to Miltiades P. Charalampous, who started the modernization of the company, passing the digital age and the fully electronic manner of providing the Service.

Today, the service time decreased by 75% compared with the past and the reliability of services increased by 80% compared with that knew the book until recently. Indicative of this is the extended range of supply of our services in the fields of marketing, manufacturing, tourism, shipping companies, export and import of units and the specialization in the agricultural sector.

But the company’s largest revolution occurs in the Income Tax field where all our redesigned services in civic action.

“Our aim was, is and remains to achieve your own goals.”



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