4 February 2017

EFKA – Where and how to find the new electronic insurance contributions.

The portal was opened by the online service in www.efka.gov.gr The website, where the insured will be able to access their contributions to the TAXIS code, then the AMKA and VAT number.

Obligation to pay insurance contributions EFKA will all workers in the private sector have an active bulletin Service (SRMs - pad), from 1.1.17 onwards. But those who have "close pad" them not placed in front of the unpleasant surprise of contributions. All policyholders will pay contributions on the basis of the Net Taxable Income 2015.
There is a question for what would burden employers or employees, contributions for insured cases up to two "contractors".
Employees should indicate the FRM month of January to have an employment relationship to pay 6.67% of contributions to the pension branch to transfer the remaining 13.33% for employers.
If the latter does not accept this burden, then it means that the final word will have the relevant departments of EFKA, you should decide who will ultimately bear the contributions. By then, 20% will be charged as a whole, the insured.

See detailed instructions:
1) Make a "click" on "Online Services"
3) You must then use the codes of Taxisnet
4) Immediately after the system asks AMKA (The VAT is prefilled)
5) The system will send you to the homepage of EFKA electronic services, namely HDIKA
6) Once the identification of the insured person can see the contributions initially with a "look" as mentioned by the system, and if access to online services and social security obligations are analytical contributions.
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