For more than 65 years serving the needs of businesses, which increasingly outsource their accounting needs in outsourced accountant – tax consultant.
The advantages too numerous and incomparable. Providing full coverage of specialized personnel, the company is not burdened with insurance contributions, allowances, overtime, etc., so the cost is less than the cost of hiring an internal auditor.
Cooperation with our firm is the complete solution to all the problems facing the company. With specialized partners in accounting – taxation – labor – insurance issues, as well as a multitude of external partners: Lawyers, Notaries, Insurers, Engineers, Developers, we can directly give and responsible solutions to any problem that concerns the Greek Corporation.
Accounting – Tax:
  • Consulting services for the organization – computerization and restructuring accounting firms all forms
  • Responsible keeping and updating the accounting books of all categories (category b and c)
  • Supervision and Control accounts each category
  • Monthly – Quarterly – Biannual information etc. (via reports – report) for the financial condition of your business
  • Preparation of financial statements (balance sheet, etc.)
  • Pension income tax returns of natural and legal persons, VAT, payroll tax, FMAP, ETAK,
  • Donations – Inheritance – Parental Benefits
  • Recommendations – Changes – demolishers all forms of companies
  • Conversions – Mergers Business etc.
  • Full coverage of tax authorities with a physical presence
  • Syntax National Cadastre statements
  • Workplace – Insurance – Payroll
  • Computerized payroll calculation and payroll compliance
  • Inventory – start operations in Funds
  • Calculation of contributions – Submission APD
  • Labour Inspection Personnel Tables
  • Calculation and documentation filing for pension administration, all security bodies

Legal services:

  • Legal support in cooperation with distinguished and specialized law firms in matters: Administrative Law (complaints against the Tax Office, Social Security Funds, Municipalities etc.)
  • Commercial Law, Inc. and Ltd.
  • Transfer of real estate (sales, donations, parental benefits, inheritance)
  • Leasing disputes
  • Nationwide land
  • Labor insurance disputes
  • We provide direct information – information about all the changes in the tax, labor and insurance law and commercial law
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